As a school we have a clear vision for our most able students outlined below:

‘The ASPIRE programme, and the wider provision for the most able, will create a range of enhanced opportunities to engage with higher level ideas and thinking, to develop self-confidence and belief and to promote a thirst for learning creating a culture where students believe that anything is possible, broadening horizons and developing character competing with the best regardless of background’


An able student is one who ‘achieves, or has the ability to achieve, at a level significantly in advance of the peer group . . . in all areas or in a limited range’. To support further some of our most able students, who may well be aspiring to obtain places at some of the most competitive universities, the ASPIRE programme has been put in place. Through a combination of enrichment activities and individual mentoring, we hope to be able to support identified students to achieve their goals.

With this in mind Ousedale School will ensure students

  • Continue to be stretched and challenged in lessons
  • Have the opportunity to enter competitions at a regional, national and in some cases, global level
  • Enrichment and additional curriculum experiences  to develop areas of interest and pursue further enquiry
  • Registration for the IGGY (International Gateway for Gifted Youth) at the University of Warwick where students can research, debate and  gain access to great educational resources and get to work with top academics and other gifted and talented young people around the world
  • Enter the Ousedale School debating society
  • At Key Stage 3 have the opportunity to access a bespoke after school ASPIRE programme where students have the opportunity to explore the awe and wonder of their areas of study, developing a thirst for learning, teamwork and leadership skills
  • At Key Stage 4 have the opportunity to access a bespoke after school ASPIRE programme where students have the opportunity to explore post-16 options with awe and wonder, find out the requirements for Russell Group Universities, careers with high profile employers and develop leadership skills
  • Bespoke subject sessions throughout the year to explore the ‘awe and wonder’ in that area
  • Trips to Russell Group Universities including Oxford and Cambridge

Mr Grant, Assistant Headteacher will oversee the provision for the most able students.

Key Stage 3

At Ousedale School we believe that it is essential to ensure that all students are challenged and supported in order to achieve their full potential. Our role is to work with our most able students and ensure that they are both stimulated and challenged both within the classroom and beyond. We will encourage these students to realise and, to extend, their aspirations through a programme of varied extension activities, which will challenge the way in which they approach their work and enthuse them with a lifelong love of study and achievement.

Should you wish to discuss the Aspire programme with us, please do not hesitate to contact us at: - For KS3 students at Olney Campus or – For KS3 students at Newport Pagnell Campus
Please see the menu on the right for the programme of events for 2017-18

Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5

At KS4 (Years 10 -11) we will be working with students to raise their awareness of some of the opportunities that are available to them and support them in becoming independent learners, so that they achieve their full potential in their education. In line with this, students are made aware of the GCSE pre-requisites for studying at Oxbridge and Russell group universities, explore the ‘awe and wonder’ of facilitating subjects, (see 'A Thirst for Learning' link opposite) whilst having access to a range of opportunities to work with employers and get a ‘head start’ in terms of work experience, internships and development programmes. One example is the Business Adviser Development Programme at Grant Thornton where:
‘Grant Thornton have ‘created a week long development programme that will give you a unique insight into the firm, dynamic businesses and how to deliver distinctive client service. You’ll gain an understanding of a number of our service lines whilst developing your skills through our organised workshops. You will be given an opportunity to build your networks with current trainees, directors and partners who will help you unleash your potential.’
One student who completed this in the summer was Victoria Beechy. Click on this link to read her account.

Mr Grant will work with Year 10 -11 students and Mrs Moulds with Year 12 and 13 students as they work towards their university career.
Should you wish to discuss the Key Stage 4 Aspire programme with us, please do not hesitate to contact us at: Please see the menu on the right for the programme of events for 2017-18
Throughout all key stages students will be offered the chance to compete regionally, nationally and in some cases, globally.
Ousedale has the best Sixth Form in the area, indeed it has been ranked in the top 50 comprehensives in the country for several years. Our aim is to build on this success and raise aspiration at Ousedale – particularly with regards to university entrance. By working with the academic leaders and overseeing extra-curricular provision for KS4 and 5, we aim to enable high achieving students to maximise their potential. At KS5 (Years 12 -13) our key focus in the Sixth Form is to increase, encourage and support UCAS applications to highly competitive institutions and courses including (but not exclusively) Oxford, Cambridge, Russell Group, Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Studies and other specialist courses. Look out for updates on the website for our external speaker programme.

If you or your child would like to discuss university entrance at any stage please do not hesitate to contact us on: or




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