The Ousedale teachers carry such a respectful ambition for the pupils and create the best opportunity for their education.
The level of commitment to their vocation is obvious.
Your motto of Aspire. Believe. Achieve is well and truly adopted.

School Visitor July 2017


We just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful Awards Evening last week. We were so very proud of our daughter
as were the parents of all the other children. It was fantastic to see all of the students perform
so brilliantly; what talent. You must have been extremely proud too!

Year 7 Parent July 2017


I really appreciate the open and welcoming attitude of yourself and your colleagues, 
I enjoyed having the opportunity to talk with the students and I was greatly
impressed with the 
high standards of teaching and learning that I saw.

School Visitor July 2017


She really thinks the world of you and Ousedale School, she speaks so highly
of you, Mr Glover, Miss Green, and tells me about conversations she has with
people who inspire her! Her teachers!

Year 7 Parent June 2017


Thank you for a very enjoyable evening last night at Ousedale Olney. We
thoroughly enjoyed watching all the children receive their awards and the
entertainment was very good indeed. 

Children cannot manufacture passion. What struck me most was how to a person
they were all very passionate about what they do and how proud they are to
be members of the school. Well done to all.

Year 7 and 10 Parent June 2017


We initially chose Ousedale over a grammar school partly because it was local
and had excellent results - but also because we were impressed with the Indian
exchange programme.

My daughters are very excited to be participating in next year’s trip.

 Year 9 and 11 Parent June 2017

When my daughter first started at Ousedale - she was in the third Science, second
English and top Maths set. With hard work, determination and support from the
teachers she is now thriving in the top set for all subjects and looking forward to
starting the GCSE courses.

The school offers lots of opportunities for students to get involved and when she
didn't manage to get a part in Peter Pan - she worked backstage and
experienced the other side of stage life.

She's also works as a student librarian and sits on the student council and looks
forward to going to school every day.

 Year 9 and 11 Parent June 2017

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